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Monkey Business – unconventional market commentary

Monkey Business is the premium source for provocative yet insightful market commentary that derives easily understandable strategies for complex market situations. However, the ultimate goal is to postulate unconventional ideas, showcase absurdly exotic assets, and take hyped trends to the very extreme to see if they hold up.

But do not be fooled by the tongue-in-cheek writing, Monkey Business builds on well-researched medium-term financial, political, and social observations combined with the power of cutting-edge statistical analysis to derive concise investment theses.

SupeRcharge – where R meets finance!

R is the rising star among the statistical software packages. Due to its open-source nature, it has gained many followers in various fields of research. Finance has long turned to R because of its open and innovative community. However, although finance packages and functions in R are legion, documentation on how to use them properly is scarce.

SupeRcharge is a premium source for documentation of R applications in finance, as well as a development platform on which completely novel applications are introduced.

Equity Research

Tired of the ever same-ish equity research reports that try to hard to replicate whatever the market consensus is predicting? Escape the treacherous idiocy of the crowds and tap into research that is informed by theory, driven by large amounts of data, executed by the most powerful cloud computing services and uses the newest machine learning and simulation techniques. All information you need to make educated decisions is condensed to one page, with further information available at any time.


Are you interested in learning financial modeling basics? MeanerReversion provides FREE financial modelling training in Excel and R tutorials for aspiring financial engineers. From time to time we will unveil some advanced techniques that we use to produce our most sophisticated models.